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2022 continues to throw our families and staff new challenges. As school is in full swing, we have some families reintegrating into in-person school, some trying hybrid models and others choosing to stay at home. All these options present different challenges for our children and families.

Our observations:

We are starting to see an uptick in illnesses as we would every year, but in the background of a pandemic, this presents extra challenges.

COVID symptoms in children are often vague respiratory symptoms like cough, runny nose, and fever-like so many of the other respiratory illnesses we see this time of year.

Our plan:

AZKidsDoc Pediatrics is taking extra precautions to continue to offer safe high-quality care to our patients, while at the same time helping to navigate the growing public health needs and requirements.

If you have questions or concerns about any of these precautions, please ask to speak with one of our staff members so that we can address it with you.

Many options to meet your family’s needs:

If your child should test is positive, contact our office and discuss the next steps.

In addition to traditional visits, AZKidsDoc Pediatrics now is offering Telehealth — an easy-access appointment for families. Although there are limits to what Dr. St. Jacques can diagnosis over Telehealth, this is a very convenient appointment that also limits exposure and allows Dr. St. Jacques to provide assessment, offer reassurance, schedule follow-up, and order testing.

In these difficult times, AZKidsDoc Pediatrics will continue to strive to help families negotiate these challenges in the safest, highest-quality manner we can.